Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Seven Things I Learned About College Football this week.

I did this one last week. I looked smart at one point from it this week. But I'm going to give it another go.

7) If you live on the East Coast? Watch the Colonial Athletic Association.

Maryland had to escape in overtime to beat James Madison 38-35. If they didn't? It would have been the Colonial's third win against the ACC. As it is? Give it up for New Hampshire. They took down Ball State 23-16. That's the CAA's 4th win versus an upper level team. They may be designated at a lower level, but this conference is for real.

6) Conversely? The ACC is going to have a classically down year.

It took a late touchdown for Florida State to beat Jacksonville State. They were down 9-7 for the majority of the game. Add to that UNC needing a UConn mistake in the end zone leading to a safety and I'm honestly thinking that this conference won't deserve an automatic bid either. The way things are going, a Nebraska win next week in Blacksburg won't stun me.

Bonus round? Georgia Tech has to go to Miami next week. that will go a long way to eating the ACC. Because, see. Miami is going to win.

5) This year more than any, games won't be played on paper.

I know Houston-Oklahoma State was going to be a shootout, but even if people thought that Georgia and South Carolina would be decided by a blocked extra point, anyone who thought 41-37 as a final for that game would be mocked. And rightfully so.

4) I'm still going with Cal as the sleeper National Championship team.

Oregon can't stop anybody. And Matt Barkley is not awesome at hitting the trial by fire. Cal may trip itself up, but if anybody outside the Florida-Texas-USC phylum makes the National Championship game. My bet is on Cal.

3) Even if Oklahoma State isn't National Championship Caliber?

Dez Bryant is worthy of the #1 pick.

2) If I had to pick a Freshman Quarterback to win me one game?

Tate Forcier. Barkley was impressive, but Forcier has a little more swagger to his stride.

1) Next week is going to be a very scary scenario for big schools.

Another flat start next week, and Texas could get shot out by the magic mustache of Taylor Potts. Minnesota is a resillient team, and could very well keep Cal in a game. And Toledo? Dare I say it. Ohio State just got its heart broken. And Toledo is flying. And this is at a neutral site.



The Five Coaches who are most likely not last the year.

1) Al Groh, Virginia
2) Dan Hawkins, Colorado
3) George O' Leary, UCF
4) Mike Samford, UNLV
5) Ralph Fridgen, Maryland

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One More Dying Quail said...

New Hampshire always plays well against FBS teams. I think I read that this was their fifth consecutive victory. Obviously, they're not playing the best teams, but still, that's impressive.