Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jarvis Vanardo.

I know I may crack wise on the state of the Starkville Junior Varsity Football team on several occasions, but that's only because it's easy and fun. I'm actually a fan of the basketball team. Or more specifically, Jarvis Vanardo. He's got a name that allows me to use my game show voice.

And his shotblocks are sweet, but that's another story.

But you don't want to hear these things about him. He's in the news because got sick and fell during a workout. And while the coaching staff says he's just fine? I was scared there for a moment. After all, how many kids lost time in college because of a hack doctor at the medical center.

But he's got good medical support. And he should be back. And the greatest front line money can buy will be ready for the greatest backcourt money could buy. SEC Basketball! It's fantastic! Until the wins get forefeited.

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