Thursday, June 26, 2008

If the Clippers moved up in the draft to get Russell Westbrook?

It would be the stupidest move in the draft for several reasons.

1. The Clippers will be in the lottery next season.

The Western Conference is spectacular, and while Brand and Livinston come back? It may not be any sort of improvement to a playoff level. And this means the Sonics get two lottery picks next season.

2. It's a no-risk move for the Sonics.

The Sonics want a point guard or a center. Odds are they can grab themselves something of value at #7 probably in a Jerryd Bayless. He's a Kevin Johnson type. And he'll fake loving the OC...


3. If the rumors are true, they could have got what they wanted at #7.

Westbrook is very much a Rajon Rondo, but he would have been at 7. I guarantee it.

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