Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So, who's going to be the last man standing in the NBA Draft Green Room.

You can vote at the poll on the right. Democracy is now, eh?

Anyway. There is a list of the NBA prospects that are going to be in the Green Room. 16 prospects. 14 lottery slots. Now, it's my personal belief that there's gonna be some brethren who are going to get their prospects in the lottery out of the green room.

So, judging by this logic, who are the ones most likely to be the next weepy cat lasting into the second round?

DeAndre Jordan (C) Texas A&M

Why he is in free fall: Not very productive and lacks most basic fundamentals. Very limited with back to basket, possessing few moves and lacking in core strength and balance, giving him trouble holding position and getting off moves effectively. Footwork isn't great and doesn't finish well through contact, while he's an incredibly bad free throw shooter when he gets to the line. Awareness and motor are not great, and his mental and physical toughness are questionable. Defensively, he can be pushed around and is not the shot blocker you'd expect, though he's still adequate in that regard.

Physically, he has the potential to be spectacular. And his face-up game is decent right now. But he is a project. However? Is he more of a project than the Anthony Randolph edition of Tyrus Thomas?

Vote or die.

Anthony Randolph (SF/PF) LSU

Why is he in free fall?
Randolph's biggest weakness starts with his average shooting ability and poor decision-making skills (which was characteristic of his entire LSU team). Though he can knock down the mid-range jumper, he must show he can extend his range out to the three-point line. The forward also has a very skinny frame, one that may take only limited muscle mass in the future. This build really limited him at the defensive end in college and could be even worse in the NBA. His intensity level, feel for the game and overall demeanor seem questionable at times, and there are concerns that he never has won at any level of basketball.

Also? He's shrinking. He's down to 197 Pounds. That's bad.

Nevertheless, he is an upside-laden Rudy gay type. And it's a battle of boom and bust. Who's gonna be the last one standing?

Vote PLZ.


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