Friday, June 27, 2008

A little bit of housecleaning

There were three deals that happened. One is of hyper intrigue. One is of moderate intrigue. One probably doesn't matter much. Guess where we're starting?

The Portland Trailblazers trade PG/SG Mike Taylor to the Los Angeles Clippers for a the #2 in 2009.

A stealth savvy move for Portland. Mike Taylor's likely going to grow up into a less intriguing Jannero Pargo. The Clippers are likely lottery bound. And then? They give up a pick in the 30's.

The Portland Trailblazers trade PF Darrell Arthur to Memphis and PF Joey Dorsey to Houston, Memphis trades SF Donte Greene and a 2nd round pick to Houston, and Hoston trades SF Nicholas Batum to Portland.

Short term? It's poor man's Rudy Gay and power for the Rockets. I like it there.
Long term? I like Nicholas Batum's potential to be a Shetland Josh Smith. Good for Portland. (Not to mention trading Omer Asik's draft rights for 3 twos. He's a Bull now, Denver gets Sonny Weems.) Memphis essentially trades up 1 slot and gives up a high second rounder in the process. Not so much for the Grizz.

The Minnesota Timberwolves trade G O.J. Mayo, G Marko Jaric, G Greg Buckner, and F Antoine Walker for PF Kevin Love, SG Mike Miller, C Brian Cardinal, and C Jarron Collins

Eliminate the salary dump? It's Mayo and Jaric for Miller and Love. Steal for the T'Wolves. Marko Jaric is going to be in the point guard logjam with Conley and Crittendon, and I do think Mayo will be good...but the Grizzlies situation is untenable.

However? Telfair-Miller/McCants-Brewer-Love-Jefferson is very intriguing. I'm not saying they're ready for prime time. I'm just saying Kevin McHale found a dude that's dumber than he is and took adavantage. Now the T'Wolves have that funny thing.


Note: There are other trades. But Darnell Jackson for a pick is lame.

Nevertheless, the Slovenian Dragon is off my list. So he must be relieved.


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