Thursday, June 26, 2008

Man Now I'm Not So Sure About The Richard Jefferson Deal...

I'm a Bucks fan. I'm a homer. I'll admit it.

And when I first heard the news of this deal, I was a retarded Dirk Nowitzki and a shit contract for a man whom exudes above average. I thought that Jefferson's worth a good 5 wins just by showing up. I thought, now the Bucks can go best player available.

That's awesome, right? Yeah. Yeah it is. But here's the deal.

A 35 win team still sucks. This is a stopgap measure. It's a winning trade. It's absolutely a winning trade.

But I'd love the trade a lot more if the Bucks were coming off of a playoff berth.

(That's why the Raptors trading for Jermaine O'Neal is a lot better move.)

I'm going to be around the computer all day with the NBA draft. Stay tuned.

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