Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reason #328371829 why Baby Boomers are usless...

Let's face it, being old is lame. Growing old is worse. But let's look at the facts. There comes a time when you'll have to admit it. You're old.

Larry Brown? He's too old. He needs to let go.

You may not have heard this, but the Bobcats gave up a future protected 1st round pick for the Nuggets pick at #20. If you play the hand? It's a marginal, but passable move. At #9 you likely can get something reasonably sexy at the point. And #20 puts you right in the middle of the decent big man derby.

It will likely end up being a reasonably high pick in 2011, but that's neither here nore there. Unless they were hoping for the Grecian Kosta Koufos? It would be fine.


Roy Hibbert is not that man. Roy Hibbert is a poor mans Z. In what looks like it could very well be a digital world in Charlotte? Dr. Julius' brother is analog.

He could play in this league, but if Charlotte thinks they aren't going regret it when the Nuggets draft Hunter Mickelson? They are so crazy.

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