Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm not going to hate the player...

But the game that Semi-Pro represents? Is bad. Am I surprised? Not really. I had a free rental and I was gonna take a shot at a miracle.

It didn't come in. Outside of Rob Corddry as the precursor to the modern Tom Brady fan? There was not much comedy. But you want to know the thing that gets me in my sick sad world?

The writer wrote something structually unsound.

I know it seems as if I'm in a thinly veiled satire here, but bear with me.

You see, the big event was a race for 4th place. 4th place got them into the NBA. Not the truth? But still, I was willing to suspend disbelief. It could have been discussed.

HOWEVA, when the Comissioner rolled up in there with his Act II downer moment of saying that the Tropics weren't big enough for Walter Kennedy? It killed all the momentum. Why? 2 reasons.

1. The stakes were effectively lowered to a Mr. 3000 level of drama, and at least in Mr. 3000 it was a story of man vs. team. Here? It just sidetracks everything.

After all, the contract that we were supposed to be on? It was for madcap adventures to get the team in the league. And then it all rolls downhill to just one more game. And therein lies the other problem.

2. Type in, go ahead, I'll wait. Look for the playoffs in 1975-1976 What do you find? 4 teams made the playoffs? Really? But that means the screenwriter didn't do his research?


I'm not saying that I should have expected that much, but a cursory look could have told him everything. And you know what? A franchise playing to stay alive would have been awesome.

Oh well. This post deserves a B. The Movie deserves a D.

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