Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have absolutely no problem with the Brewers right now...

Ken Macha was a savvy move. Dale Sveum is still around. And they did not let Maddux go without a fight.

And now they re-upped Mike Cameron. Which at 10 million dollars is still a nice bargain. You think a .243 hitter is a nice bargain? You might say to that. And I will tell you this.

If you compare him to the largest centerfield free agent signings of 2007? Year one was equal offensively to Torii Hunter. Sure, Hunter was a better defender. And that's okay. The Brewers saved 12 million dollars in year one.

Now? Here's the upside of year two. He may be 36. But it's a walk year. You know the rules of the Walk Year kids. Even if he loses a step from his broad base of skills? He's still going to be worth a win or two to the Brewers.

I believe in it.

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