Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your 6:00 Central Election Update.

Nothing Surprising.

McCain gets Kentucky
Obama gets Virginia
Indiana is too close to call

Senate wise?
Mark Warner picks up a seat.
Lindsay Graham holds.

Bruce Lunsford (D-KY) is up by about 1000 votes.
Too early to call in Georgia.

UPDATE: Obama is up in Indiana and close in Virginia. This looks good.

6:20 UPDATE: If South Carolina and Georgia are too early to call? This looks really good.

6:25 UPDATE: Obama's winning in South Bend right now. And obviously? Gary has not come in yet.

6:30 UPDATE: Polls close in Ohio, North Carolina. Those are the states of ground that's embattled. McCain should bank 5 more votes in about 47 seconds.

That's a Republican strategist.

Jim Martin's down 750 very early.
Bruce Lunsford is down 11,538

Jay Rockefeller holds his Senate Seat.

McCain 16; Obama 3 (McCain gets South Carolina. I am not surprised.) But they say that Indiana has a strong ticket splitting.

Daily Kos says that Lunsford isn't going to make it. Shoot.

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