Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have to tell you...In Reference to Javon Ringer...

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Okay. A seeming bit of controversy there. I just rolled up on you and said that the most hyperproductive back that has the potential to be available in the 2009 Draft is going to be fail. I should bring something empirical to the table right? Right.

So let's go.

1. Injury History.

We'll break it down simply. A torn ACL in high school. A torn MCL. Add in a sprained ankle and shoulder surgery and you have to see that he's a mere mortal. And I know. It's a running back. Running backs can be gimpy. I can dig it. But most teams have nine games played. And if you look at the numbers? There's a scary number.

2. 353.

That's how many carries Javon Ringer has. There are many reasons to be scared of this number. One fact? 330 college carries in a season and you're in line to be a bust. Pro Football Prospectus had a list based on those who have 330 carries in a season. And while some special runners have had a place on that list (Barry Sanders, Adrian Peterson, Marcus Allen), there have a lot more boom than bust. For every O.J. Simpson there is a Byron Hanspard or a Troy Davis.

But you know what? Outside of Barry Sanders? There's certain facts that seperate the men from the busts.

3. Elusiveness.

Ringer doesn't have average, let alone special elusiveness. 4.4 YPC is very weak for this crop of top draft prospects. Arian Foster looks down at that shit, man.

4. Size.

In terms of his collegiate production, this season from Ringer is pretty eerily reminiscent of Badger one-year sensation Brian Calhoun. (348-1636-18). And you can add three games to Ringer's total. Why is this improtant? Because Ringer is 5'9" 205. And those listed who had success in the pros? All could be construed as big backs.

There you go. A four point reasoning as to why the Ringer will not have success as a professional. I am not saying this to denigrate the man. If he proves me wrong? I hope he's a Packer or in the AFC while he does that.

But I doubt it.


bevo said...

Wait a minute... You are telling me there is a running back playing for a Big 11 team that has feasted on powers like Southern Michigan and Eastern Indiana, turned up lame in nationally televised games (cough)Ohio State(/cough), and you predict he will be a bust as a professional?

Really? You went far out of on the limb for a Michael Bennett, Ron Dayne, Curtis Ennis, Jonathan Wells, and every single running back coming out of the Big 11 since 1979 comparison.

The running backs in the Big 11 do not merely blow. They guide your johnson in to make sure you don't miss on the first attempt.

Andrew said...

I apologize if my bit of controversy isn't as controversial as you'd like. I know, the conference conditions do mean something. But is Ringer not first round value as I make this statement? Yes he is.

Some team like Tampa is gonna roll up and draft him round 1. And they are going to be suckers for it.

Also, Marion Barber III would have words on the conceit that every Big 10 running back is made of Draft Bust.