Friday, November 21, 2008

And now the Knicks are on the LeBron James hunt...

You know what? The Golden State Warriors have got a shot at being a spectacularly hot mess. Nellie is going to have himself four starting two guards and Andres Biedrins with the return of Monta Ellis and his Faggio infused mid-range game. And you know what? Anthony Morrow is still rolling up on people with high-scoring spot startery.

And the only reason why I did not mention the Immortal Mr. Kelenna is because I don't even want to try his last name. CHANGE IT TO SOMETHING AMERICAN PLEASE!

Warriors fans may not be fired up about it. But America? America loves a team that is in the midst of a positional clusterfuck. And Nellie's just drunk enough to love his situation. He is, after all, what Tom Ziller reports as stoked.

If you want to really be stoked, Nellie? Take a brotip from the Grandies. Sign Chris Lofton. He can create his own shot. And he's a two guard!



Scott @ WFNY said...

man...Knicks want LeBron? I hadn't heard... :)

Andrew said...

You know what? I won't even pretend to offer the Cavs Michael Redd for two crappy first round picks and Sczzczczczcerbiako.

And Skiles would love something in a Tyler Hansborough.