Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Retirement of Salomon Torres...

It's what you would call inevitable, but surprising. Because you never expect an athlete to leave on a high note. Especially in Wisconsin.

/leaves you a minute to get the reference.

But you know what? Salomon isn't exactly someone whose proven to be...shall we say stable? Yeah. Let's go with that. He got broke by the 1994 Giants collapse. And then he came back. And unlike the annoying Gilbert Arenas? (Who did not have the good sense to go into stealth mode while his knees turned into a bowlful of jelly.) His fear of Milwaukee was quiet and dignified.

But the Brewers also rolled with Eric Gagne. And Salomon Torres finally got his shot at stardom. And he was a higthly competent closer for most of the season. In fact? I'd call him a folk hero.

And now he's gone.

We'll see you in three months Mr. Torres. I know you'll be back. We'll keep the rubber-armed 7th inning guy open for ya.

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