Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you're a congressman?

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Is it true you have to be tone deaf?

Yes. And the Democrats just saved Joe Lieberman's life. Again. Yeah, you know what. I know Obama was feeling magnaminous. But this shit is bullshit.

Joe Lieberman has had a history of throwing the Democrats under the bus. The Republicans don't like him much either. Why is this interesting? Because of the pipe dream of 60 senate seats. (And I love Jim Martin for not being Saxby Chambliss, but let's be honest. The third party candidate is a Libertarian. Libertarians do not swing sharply Democratic.)

The Democrats sold out the voters and kept Lieberman in front and center, because they just had to get this shit done now. Just trying to thread the needle.

And you know what the stupidest part of the decision, if they just haaaaaaaaaaaaaaad to handle this situation now was?

They could not dump that news out on a Friday like a sane Politician would.

I mean, Harry Reid is a hack, but even I know that if you're going to break some gutless news? You do it when people don't want to pay attention to the news!

God! All it took for me was an episode of The West Wing and I'm smarter than the Senate Majority Leader!


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