Saturday, November 22, 2008


If you're like me, and if you're reading this, you clearly are. You see some parallels between the 2008 Knicks and the Jack McCallum documented edition of the Phoenix Suns. Chris Duhon is the Dollar Tree Steve Nash. Nate Robinson is the shetland Leandro Barbosa. And Starbury is Amare in the microfracture season.

And as for the salary dump? It works out too. Tim Thomas is only worth a damn when he lucks his way onto a winning team or his contract's up. So next year he's a rotational stud. But as for this year. He will be feast or famine. D'Antoni knows it. We all do.

And with Cuttino Mobley's ability beyond the arc? Duhon could dribble drive some suckers four/fifths of the way into Steve Nash territory.

Instead of you know, three fifths.

And as for the Clippers? Fuck them. Kaman's going to go to clear space.

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Anonymous said...

great moves by the knicks...atleast we still have nate robinson though lol...and he can dance which is always a plus lol: