Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tight Ends to be taken on the weekdays...

The Tight End this year? While there are some safeish picks? This position feels more like a Boom-Bust scenario. Upside plays and injury risks dot the Top 10.

1. Jermaine Gresham Oklahoma (An explosive Aaron Hernandez, if his knee is right.)
2. Rob Gronskowski Arizona (He could legitimately be a Top 5 tight end in the league if his back's right. But it isn't.)
3. Aaron Hernandez Florida (A great pass-catcher, marginal blocker, poor explosiveness.)
4. Ed Dickson Oregon (Vertical threat with pretty good hands, good strength. Could improve blocking.)
5. Jimmy Graham Miami (FL) (As upside goes? Massive. He's not gonna be another Rickey Dudley. But will he be another Antonio Gates? Nah.)
6. Anthony McCoy USC (Not just another blocking tight end. He does have hands. However? No explosiveness.)
7. Dennis Pitta BYU (Catchers everything. Gets open. Cannot block to save a life.)

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