Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekday Selections: Cornerback.

A deep class? You bet your ass. Value for every style of defense? Absofuckinglutely. My sort of halfassery? Yeah!

1. Joe Haden Florida (Never mind the poor 40 time. He plays that fast in pads.)
2. Kyle Wilson Boise State (He has unpolished skills, but he can simply just shut people down when he's right.)
3. Devin McCourty Rutgers (A poor man-to man corner, but he's a ballhawk stud in a Cover 2 system.)
4. Patrick Robinson Florida State (He's got some spectacular skills, but he can get lazy.)
5. Kareem Jackson Alabama (A tough man to man corner with great athleticism as well as good instincts.)
6. Chris Cook Virginia (Great size-speed ratio, good ball skills, but he seems to be more of a free safety.)
7. Brandon Ghee Wake Forest (An agressive corner with poor ball skills.)
8. Jerome Murphy So. Florida (Got to love that he plays with a chip on his shoulder. But he does have a tendency to get burnt by his agression.)
9. Dominique Franks Oklahoma (Great physicality. Good ball skills. But he's got some discipline problems.)
10. Akwasi Owasu-Ansah Indiana (Pa.) (A 6'1" guy with 4.32 speed, good ball skills and great return skills. You can punch anyone who asks who? in the face if your team drafts him.)
11. Amari Spievey Iowa (A Cover 2 Corner, a solid nickelback. But is he a starter?)
12. Perrish Cox Oklahoma State (His return skills and good college production still seem to keep him in Day 2 despite his postseason interview fail.)
13. Javier Arenas Alabama (Undersized. A step slow. But his instincts and return skills add a real value to his game. And who are you to doubt an Arenas?)

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