Monday, April 19, 2010

A Twitter-Sized Breakdown: Day 1 and Day 2 at WR

If you look at the Wide Receiver position? You're going to see a run on these players on Friday. Obviously, Dez Bryant is going to be the first one off the board. And Demaryius Thomas has the physical gifts to drop between 21 and 32. But there will be at least seven guys selected in rounds 2 and 3. And most of that is Round 3 choices as well. I put the over under at 6.5 wideouts taken round three. Boom

So, in 140 characters? The top 12 WR's.

1. Dez Bryant Oklahoma State (Physically gifted. Great hands. But he's not nearly mature enough. Denver's an obvious choice.)
2. Demaryius Thomas Georgia Tech (Toolsy. Tremendous upside. Great hands. Great after the catch. If he learns the route tree?)
3. Golden Tate Notre Dame (Hyperproductive in a pro-style offense. A bit of Percy Harvin in him.)
4. Arrelious Benn Illinois (Could be a real steal. Kind of like Vontae Davis in that he has Zooker taint on him. But his skills are undeniable.)
5. Damian Williams USC (Good route runner, reliable hands, but who gives a fuck? He's a USC WR. Cursed!)
6. Mardy Gilyard Cincinnati (Quicks. Great hands. Ready made slot WR. He's kind of like a Hines Ward.)
7. Eric Decker Minnesota (Smart. Polished. One of the highest floors in terms of prospectdom. Great hands. Sleeperish.)
8. Carlton Mitchell USF (The antethesis of Decker. His strength is in his triangle numbers. Inconsistent hands and minimal numbers.)
9. Brandon LaFell LSU (Inconsitent hands and poor quarterback play doomed the preseason #1 WR. Reminds me of Kenny Britt.)
10. Taylor Price Ohio (Bit of a finesse guy. But he's got a lot of skills. You get him on your team round three? Thrilled.)
11. Andre Roberts The Citadel (Reminds me of Hines Ward. Gets open and off the line. Elusive at returns. Willing blocker.)
12. Jacoby Ford Clemson (His strength? Speed. Pure badass American Speed.)

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