Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Weekday Tackles

Allow me to get my homer hat on. I'm glad this class is deep. It will help my local professional football team grow. As such? I will make a draft nerd post of my last Packers thought exercise. How deep is left tackle?

1. Russell Okung Oklahoma State (A ready made pass protector, but he's an imperfect run blocker. Still a Top 5 pick.)
2. Trent Williams Oklahoma (The combine seemed to answer questions about his quickness at LT. And as such? He could be a Top 8 Pick.)
3. Bryan Bulaga Iowa (He's got some durability issues, but otherwise? He's got real skills. He could be an instant starter.)
4. Anthony Davis Rutgers (The motor is inconsistent. But he's improved every year in college. And he's still just 20. If he's falling, some team has a sleeper.)
5. Charles Brown USC (He's rising because of his frame and athleticism. But he does not have great power. That being said? He's sans power. And that's...not good.)
6. Rodger Saffold Indiana (Needs a year of seasoning, but there's a lot to like about him.)
7. Bruce Campbell Maryland (As spectacular of an athlete as he is, his technique is like steak tartar.)
8. Jared Veldheer Hillsdale (MI) (A lot to like here. He's an unspectacular run blocker. But he's a natural athlete and pass blocker.)
9. John Jerry Ole Miss (Great bloodines. Great power. Probably has to move inside to guard.)
10. Ed Wang Virginia Tech (He's rising because his one weakness is in his footwork. But that's still why I don't trust him.)
11. Selvish Capers West Virginia (Great upside, but he's very much a project for the team that will draft him.)

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