Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Weekday Outside Linebackers

Another deep position. A lot of good depth here. Some guys are 3-4 specialists. In fact? You can get something great if you're in a 3-4 and you need help on defense. And you don't even need to overpay for a Kindle.

Toys humor! Yay!

1. Brandon Graham Michigan (High motor, great instincts, a practically perfect 3-4 OLB.)
2. Sergio Kindle Texas (A game-changer in the 3-4. He's simply explosive.)
3. Sean Witherspoon Missouri (Undersized? Yeah. But everything else is great. He's an instant linebacker starter.)
4. Jerry Hughes TCU (He's a great athlete with good football skills. The problem? He gets picked up too often. A big issue.)
5. Koa Misi Utah (More of a defensive end. Kind of like Paul Kreuger. Stiff in coverage, but he can rush the passer.)
6. Jason Worlids Virginia Tech (He lacks a little something in instincts, but he hits hard and runs fast. One of those tailor made 3-4 Outside Linebackers.)
7. Thaddeus Gibson Ohio State (More of a run stuffer than a pass rusher, but he's a strong 3-4 OLB. He does need a little more in terms of instincts.)
8. Eric Norwood South Carolina (The SEC's answer to Ricky Sapp.)
9. Ricky Sapp Clemson (His value is almost solely as a pass rusher. Other than that? Never mind.)
10. Navorro Bowman Penn State (Stiff in coverage, but with his instincts and other skills, he's a strong 4-3 Will or 3-4 ILB.)
11. Dekoda Watson Florida State (Kind of like everyone else who grades in the 2nd-3rd Round. His athleticism is greater than his instincts.).
12. O' Brien Schofield Wisconsin (Even after he tore his ACL at the Senior Bowl, his upside remains dtrong enough that a 3rd round pick wouldn't be too much of a reach.)

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