Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Weekday Defensive Tackles.

I'm going to make a bold statement or two here. Know that this is gutsball. It's a deep class in terms of value. And as such? Surprises are bound to happen. But I'm calling bust on a likely top five pick. Bam!

1. Ndamukong Suh Nebraska (If he's available by pick #3, somebody screwed up. The House of Spears is a beast.)
2. Gerald McCoy Oklahoma (An inconsistent motor and poor hand placement means he's got a real chance to be a busted pick.)
3. Dan Williams Tennessee (Kind of a Ron Brace. He's a one thrust and hold at the point of attack guy.)
4. Jared Odrick Penn State (An immeadiate contributor of a 3-4 DE.)
5. Brian Price UCLA (He could be everything McCoy claims to be. A deadly inside pass rusher with pretty good skills everywhere else.)
6. Terrence Cody Alabama (All he has to do is hold at the point of attack to be effective. Anything else? Gravy.)
7. Lamarr Houston Texas (Late bloomer, but he can be a real beast at the point of attack.)
8. Linval Joesph ECU (Daniel Jeremiah's sleeper 1st round pick. Eye-popping athleticism with less power than expected.)
9. Torrell Troup UCF (A bit of a sleeper. Big and strong with a real motor. The anchor of a top run defense with two 10 sack defensive ends.)
10. Cam Thomas North Carolina (The big guy without the strongest motor. But he can hold up at the POA.)
11. Al Woods LSU (A beast with the bull rush. The instincts are not so much.)
12. Corey Peters Kentucky (A big athletic Defensive Tackle who was a 4 year starter in the SEC? Valuable. But he's probably a 4th rounder.)

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