Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hey B.J.?

Can I ask you a question? Really. Just one. Then I'll leave you be.

What the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck are you doing not hustling? You have a team that needs B.J. Upton to be at his most magical, and you can't be bothered to go at a level above a mosey?

That is wrong on so many levels. One, you're gonna get Cork Gaines mad at me. I can't have that on my conscience. He writes for MLB Trade Rumors, or did at one point. That means he's better than me!

Two, you know what this is? This is perpetuating stereotypes. Do you want the ALCU after you? What about Jesse Jackson? He will cut your nuts off! Do you want Carlos Mencia in blackface, sir?

You are one step away from Carlos Mencia doing a sketch about you. It's a lazy black dude. You're right in somebody else's wheelhouse of unfunny. You are on the level of the Asian who would ask if you want Flied Lice. That's just uncool.

Now, I know this is a probable detour. After all, you are still Bossman Junior. And unlike Chris Penn, this means you have all the potential to avoid being running buddies with Michael Madsen. But if you do not straighten up and fly right, mister...

You're looking at an unhappy itenerant future where no one likes you and you blame everything on the Latinos. Do you want that?

Of course you don't.

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Anonymous said...

...and he STILL hasn't learned his lesson. He Cadillac-ed it around the basepaths last night on what should've been an RBI double and wound up getting thrown out at second with the ball going BEHIND him (where Mark Texiera was playing, ready to make the alert tag).