Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sentences on sports...

In sports, it has been a slow news weekend. Elvi's hype for the Olympics, but he does not make many posts here. I, however? I cannot get hype.

And when I have many half-ideas going through my head? I go all tangential.

So let's clean my head out, eh?
  1. The Milwaukee Bucks officially sign Fransisco Elson. The Bucks lead the league in backup Dutch Centers. Elson is a high-energy defensive back-up. He could have a Zaza Pachulia style impact in Milwaukee.
  2. Matt Sanchez hurts his knee doing a low-impact warm-up designed to get your hips warmed up. Mitch Mustain is your USC quarterback. He is Shiva the destroyer.
  3. John Beck is as good as gone in Miami...and considering that he was on the single worst team in the decade as a rookie? It may be too soon.
  4. Byron Leftwich and Daunte Culpepper signed by Pittsburgh? Multiple possibilities here. A) Charlie Batch's injury is more severe than initially thought. B) Dennis Dixon is going to be a receiver. C) Someone's career is going to be over come September.
  5. Personally, Byron Leftwich still has something in the tank. Culpepper got by on his athleticism.
  6. Eric Gagne! Motherfucking Cocksucker blew a game to the Nationals! The Goddamn Nationals!
  7. There's a similarity between Brett Favre and disgraced manwhore John Edwards. I may explore it further. I may not. I'm still cranky in reference to Gagne.
  8. And Prince Fielder freaking laid down a bunt! What the hell?!?

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