Sunday, August 3, 2008

English Comedy and the Packers...

What? These are similar? YES.

How so? I'm not in love with most of the genre. I know what it sounds like. The Green Bay Packers are a genre? It's melodrama.

The quarterback loves the team no more. And yet he's ready to come back. But wait! He's not! But Greta Van Sustren says otherwise.

And now Ari Fliescher! I guess the Packers are now offically fair and balanced. Yeah. Boo. That joke was bad.

Which brings us to English Comedy. We like Flight of the Conchords. We like Most of Simon Pegg's work. But good English Comedy is like good moments this Packers offseason.

Our 2nd pick is a third-stringer. Our offseason boiled down into as Brett Favre turns, and I'm not alone in being sick of it.

But you know what? My outrage has run out. I'm not gonna go oldboy on oldboy.

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