Thursday, August 14, 2008

I was tinkering with the ESPN Trade Machine...

And I hit upon a deal, genius in its simplicity, that would help both teams involved. Yes it is a thought exercise. But it's noble thoughts. It's from the heart. I want to see the deal succeed.

The only question? Do you believe Vinny Del Negro can get creative?

See, the move that is the smart move, at least for one team, is for the Miami Heat to call up the Bulls and ask for Hinrich and Nocioni for Shawn Marion. See, why this deal works so well is that you're able to add two solid pieces to the puzzle if you're the Miami Heat. You can build a team that, in the Eastern conference? Can be a playoff team.

A 1-4 of Hinrich/Wade/Nocioni/Beasley can do a lot of things. If the #2 stays healthy. In the East? You could put the immortal Paul Mokeski at center and still come up with a 7 seed.

But as for the Bulls? The Matrix is a stickier wicket. The Matrix is a stud who can be beneficial at three positions. But do the Bulls really want the Matrix as a full time four?

Yeah, probably not.


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