Saturday, August 9, 2008

We Love Redemption In Sports...

We do. Comebacks are freaking awesome. And as Carlos Pena and Steve Stricker will tell you, people will force the issue to donate redemption to the masses. But the question is, who should we be looking at for a shot at redemption in 2008-2009?

1) Shaun Livingston...Free Agent Point Guard

Why? It may be something more for 2010-2011, but here's the thing. The teams in the market for a Point Guard are few and far between. But one of them is Phoenix. And we all know that Robert Sarver is an owner that's piledriving a team of excellence and turning it to shit. But here's the thing. If they sign Livingston? They get a point guard that's still not 23 yet.

Also? He will learn at the feet of a great point guard of the 80's and the best point guard of this decade. Sure, he's still an unknown entity. But his distributional skills haven't disappeared. He goes to Phoenix, he can become a top prospect again.

2) Ryan Perriloux (QB) Jacksonville State

Now, I know that he has had adventures in stupidity on the Bayou. But he's not the first, and he won't be the last. And here he is at a crossroads. His physical gifts are spectacular. He is a mobile quarterback who had success in the greatest conference of all time.

I'm not saying this as a dig on the Ohio Valley Conference, but the fact is, he's got a shot to be Randy Moss. His gifts are dynamic, and if he doesn't fuck around? He'll be in an NFL Camp. If not?

Met Reggie McNeal 2.0.

I'm sure you can think of other athletes with a shot at redemption. If you are so inclined, I'll be happy to hear who you got with a chance to be the next Josh Hamilton.

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