Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey, do you remember my story about the duality of sweatpants and bentleys?

Sure you do.

Well, you notice how I got assistance from a dude named Steven Ware? I have a twist. Well, irony. Well, the two plus two forums have another story to tell...

3-4 weeks ago I (Adam Richardson) responded to Steve's post to trade his cash for online. He said that he had several offers but that he wanted to trade with me "because he knew he wouldn't get ripped off". I offered to fly back to Vegas to do the trade, since he was offering cash at no vig and I needed to pick up my ME tourney cash anyway. He said that wouldn't be necessary-- he could deposit directly into my bank account, so I offered to send first since he seemed like a stand-up guy. I send $30,000 to his FTP account (TheMatadorKGB); he didn't reciprocate. He said that he didn't leave his room all day and that he'd deposit in the morning. Then he disappears for two days, ignoring PMs and text msgs. On the third day leaves a message on my cell saying "well I'm sure you probably guessed what happened..."

He PM'd saying that he's a complete ******* and degenerate and that he blew the $30K at Bellagio. Promised to make good as soon as he got back to New Jersey in a day or two. Disappears for another 2 days. I tell him to send the $30K back via FTP immediately. He says he can't b/c he lost it to "Boosted's luckbox."

Mostly he ignores my PMs asking him what he's doing to repay. When he does respond, he has said that he would:

(i) Borrow from friends
(ii) Borrow from family
(iii) Sell everything he owns
(iv) Repay via advance from his upcoming book
(v) Repay in a month and a half when he can sell some stock

He tells me he's "doing everything he can" but hasn't paid back anything, not even some small good faith amount, despite there being a branch of my bank literally within walking distance from his house.

What has Steve done since he ripped me off on July 15th?

-- Continued posting about those "thieving bastards at UB".

-- Posted some interesting(?) strategy threads in MTT (one , two)

-- Challenged stealthmunk to a minimum $250K HU 4 ROLLZ

-- Helped make some web comics

What now?
I set up a reasonable $2.5K/week payment plan. The deadline for the first payment was yesterday, which I extended to today because he PM'd that he was getting a loan from his brother-in-law. He said he'd be in touch today to tell me what happened either way. Banks just closed on the East Coast and there is no deposit from Steve. Unsurprisingly, he hasn't PM'd or texted all day.

I have told him more than once that I will not allow him to steal from my family. My hope is that making this public will expediate the repayment process, but either way I am confident that I will recover the money. (plus any money I spend recovering the money) I've held off saying anything or filing a police report because I don't need to ruin the guy's life for something stupid that he did. But we've come to the point where he's taken advantage of my goodwill.

In the end, I honestly don't think that Steve is a bad guy. He's a (self-admitted) degenerate gambler who made a pretty terrible decision. However, he continues to compound the problem by avoiding contact with me and burying his head in the sand. He asked me not to out him on 2+2, but has promised to pay back what he took regardless of whether or not I do which is sort of honorable(?)

Steve-- in a short while I'm going to involve both the authorities and my attorneys. In my letter I laid out exactly what this will mean for you; I'd urge you to avoid it at all costs.

If Steven ignores this advice, I invite everyone to follow along...

(Adding the following from Admo):Steve wanted these posts taken down which I might have temporarily agreed to if there weren't other people involved. If Steven Ware owes you money, can you PM with with:

(a) the amount
(b) the circumstances
(c) your contact info (cell and email)

If you don't want to send your info to me, that's fine but I can reasonably guarantee that you'll have a better chance of repayment if my attorneys are involved. They handled a similar case for me two years ago, Richardson v. Bealls if you want to look it up in San Diego Superiour Court log. I was awarded a judgement included all damages including attorney's fees.

I promise not to share any of your information with anyone else.
I promise to share all of Steve's information with you. (including SSN, driver's license, home address, etc.)

Feel free to send any additional information you have about Steve.

I've been in contact with Steve several times throughout the day. He is a bit overwhelmed but still promises to make good. Frankly he doesn't have much of a choice. He continues to make bad decisions but he knows that the minute he breaks communication with me again he stands a good chance of being arrested. (You'll have to trust me on the details.)

****It’s revealed Cornell figi also owes money to others

Admo-30K swap
JP OSU- 12K staking agreement
aufzuckerter $1850 wsop ticket

****Comes to light steve dropped a lot of money at Bobby's Room and supposedly the sports book. Schnieds and PokerBob were there to witness.

****Steve tried getting a stake to play o8 under false pretenses that Krantz was already in for 200k

****Steve may have lied about being hacked but there isn’t proof either way.

****Steve Ware asks admo to take down post and said that since he posted all of this that he has taken his ability to pay him back.

****Admo is 100% certain he will see his money and if it goes to court he will also see court fees from Steve.

****Admo tried to work out a generous payback plan but Steve refuses to deposit any money in Admos banking account even though there is a bank branch within walking distance from Steve.

Yep, Mr. Steven Ware got broke spending other peoples money. The self-styled iconoclast is nothing more than a degenerate. But that's what the poker boom did. Made a generation of college kids a bunch of degenerates.

And you know what? Adam Richardson's got his own degeneracies...

If he doesn't present an acceptable plan for repayment upon his return, he knows that I'm proceeding with criminal and civil actions, as well as launching which will contain our complete, unedited correspondence log. (There will be several prop bet opportunities for the armchair lawyers on what actions the various law enforcement agencies will take.)

Add that to offering anybody $20,000 that he's gonna get his money back?

This degeneracy is awesome.

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