Saturday, August 30, 2008


Seriously, could you slow down about the East Carolina as BCS Contender narrative? It was a good win. Holtz is a good coach. And they had a good game against a team that made a bad roster decision.

However? This game showed many problems. One, this team was turnover prone. A couple of turnovers and a blocked extra point show that this team has certain issues that it needs to work out. And with games against West Virginia, at a team that could turn turnovers into points like N.C. State, and even intra-divisional road games versus Central Florida and Southern Mississippi can take them out.

I know Hyperbole is the baliwick of the Worldwide Leader (remember when April was all about you screaming what's wrong with Sabathia?), but by your same crazy ESPN logic, Buffalo is a BCS contender.

After all? All they have to do is go to Pittsburgh and win and beat Missouri in Columbia. And Drew Willy just might have the horses to do that.

Right Mark May?

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