Monday, August 18, 2008

A long time ago, in a book far far away...

Will Leitch told a heartwarming story of how Willie McGee was the first black man that he met. It's a comedic story. But there is a subtext here.

For the young and the lazy, the small town rednecks and ignorants, sports can provide an opportunity for empathy toward others. I mean it. It may sound stupid, polyannish, or whatever, but it's true.

Funny story. I've only met two Mormon's in my life. One of them is a Mormon family who lived in town when I was younger. The other?


Yes, that's right. Heisman Trophy Winner Ty Detmer is my Mormon Friend. And yes, I was bigger than him when I met him. In 1992.

Nevertheless, I do not have the hang-ups that a Mitt Romney vice presidency could entail. At least none of Mike Huckabee's hang-ups. Seriously, look it up. It makes a liberal's heart warm.

But this is why the NBA has made a mistake. Sure, Hamed Haddadi may be nothing more than a non-jumping backup center, but you know what? He could make somebody who's listening to those whom are afraid of whatever threat Iran poses take a second look.

He's not a shady businessman, he's not a man running a school. He's just a basketballer. And while there has been an exodus, America still has the best basketball in the world.

David Stern needs to fight for him.

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