Thursday, August 14, 2008

Umm...Mo Williams doesn't suck.

He's not an all-star by any stretch of the imagination, but he's a Platinum Daniel Gibson. He does what Boobie does, and he can distribute as well. He's a very good second option.

And the Bucks got even more boring in the process. I mean, the Bucks also dump off high-flier Desmond Mason to the OKC Thunder. And that's okay. He's essentially ballast with Jefferson, Alexander, and Mbah a Moute. He's a local Oklahoma City!

But guess what the Bucks got. Via Hoops Hype.

Luke Ridnour: Positives: Excellent shooter. Great passer/distributor. He excels in the transition game. And has quick hands. Negatives: He's weak and has no grit.

He'll be the starting point guard. For a while. Skiles is gonna wax and wane on his point guard, And Luke Ridnour, despite his being white, is not gritty. Skiles will hate him in fits and starts.

Damon Jones: Positives: He's a combo guard! A good scorer and threat from beyond the arc. He takes good care of the ball. Negatives: Slow, a bad ballhandler, and he's not good under pressure.

12th man. Strictly here to get his salary dumped for next year. If you get a drive and kick point guard? He has value. However? The Bucks are not rich in that tiger style.

Adrian Griffin: Positives: Good on ball defender, and can Bruce Bowen his shit. Negatives: Not a scorer. (Which is an understatment. I beat him in a game of Horse.)

A Skiles guy. Which means I hate him. Also, he's an old, undersized Mbah a Moute. Which means I hate him more. Could be cut? Yes.

Do I want him cut? Yes.

Will he be cut? Hell no. He's a Skiles guy.

Yeah. A point guard who may be a step down from Williams, and two spare parts. That's not cool. Not by any stretch.

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