Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some brief Hoops thoughts...

A couple of moves have caught my eye as intriguing. Sure, they're small moves. Not much more than agate type in this day and age. But they are both key to improving their team.

The Hawks sign G Ronald "Flip" Murray

It is often said that luck is where timing meets opportunity. Well, in another world, Ronald Murray was the NBA Draft Guide comparison to Eric Gordon. They're both excellent scorers with a good ability to create their shot. They both have good handles, even if no one would make the claim that they need to play the point. But they are a tad undersized at the two.

Now, don't let me say that this is a claim that the Hawks need to go with a Johnson-Smith-Horford frontcourt. However? They are now seven deep before they have to start with the hope and faith and spare parts. This is stealthy good.

The Suns sign G Goran Dragic

Ever since FreeDarko mentioned Dragon Magic in concert with Goran? I was on board. Until the Spurs drafted him. But then? The Suns made a trade!

And the bandwagon was back on. But the fact is? If anybody fit the Spur ethos, it's Dragic. He's a fierce defender. He'll get a little dirty. But he's not a shooter. However, the point guards aren't required to be slick shooters. And he also does not have to be ready this year.

The Suns have pointmen that will have him ready to run when his time comes. Paying a little from the MLE was actually half-savvy from Steve Kerr...

Run! Steve Kerr didn't do something stupid!

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