Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Can't Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me NBA Ramble...

As I sit and wonder if we can't get Matt Harpring's unguaranteed contract for Ridnour and a future consideration. (Answer? Yes.) I look and see all sorts of possibilites for the draft.

Shaquille O' Neal is a Cavalier. And if the Cavaliers follow the Phoenix playbook in terms of keeping him healthy? It's a good gamble to make. But there is a real chance that this is Hakeem in Toronto or Ewing in Seattle.

But good for Stephen A. to break this story! Redemption is only two scoops away!

If 1-3 turns out to be Griffin, Thabeet, Rubio? Jonny Flynn will be playing the part of Russell Westbrook in this morality play.

Adrian Wojanarski is saying that Scott Skiles is lobbying the Bucks to draft Brandon Jennings at 10. Remarkably smart by Skiles, but could Jennings play at Stevie Franchise and Starbury and clown the team that for which that drafts them.

And if Flynn, Jennings, or Hill doesn't make the pick at 10? A potential deal down into Maynor land and a future pick would be nice. Okay, enough about the Bucks. Because clearly, nobody on a blog can talk up the Bucks. Nice work Shoals, 20 minutes of gutpunch was nice to promote.

Fast risers: Jonny Flynn, Omri Casspi.

Like I said before, Jrue Holiday is going to be a mistake draft choice.

Over under on trades made? 7.5

Brandon Jennings is 17th in Draft Express' latest mock draft. Wow.

I will say this now, if Jack McClinton gets selected by the Suns? He will have a great career.

But Jerel McNeal is being looked at too low.

Meh. I shouldn't listen to the DOC if I want my momentum stopped. Sorry.

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