Monday, June 29, 2009

NBA in Brief...

So long as he doesn't play at being a lead guard? I have little problem with what happened with Brandon Jennings. I mean for those of you who don't know, he got into a swear-filled conversation with Joe Budden. And because it got on the Youtubes? There was a mini-controversy.

Outside of the naievte of someone who did not know that this was going to go out on the internet? The point guard is a lot like a quarterback. You want a point guard with swagger. You want a point guard who's not afraid to make the big play. I hope that Skiles doesn't break him. I really do.

And Yao's foot? It's not healing. Which is disaster for Houston, as well as the league. Houston's now in a holding pattern as Yao degenerates into the Chinese Peter Stormare. And the league loses an international icon.

I may have more posting to come. I may not. Back's killing me and I have things to do.

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