Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Antwan Jamison to a good home...

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Jonathan Givony is reporting that the Wizards are shopping Antwan Jamison. And they do not want much in return. This is interesting because the Cavaliers have the expiring contracts to make such a deal worthwhile for both sides. Givony says that a package of Ben Wallace (who's now best known as a sketch character on the Disciples of Clyde Podcast) and Sasha Pavlovic (who defends like he's a zombie on rollerskates), can be a great match for a deal (if the Wizards throw in Mike James) And I'm sure that there would be a pick at 30 or 45 involved, to get the Wizards a little more.

Here's why the deal is so great for the Cavs. In a world where the undersized four that can hit the three was a linchpin of NBA Finals runs for both the Magic as well as the Lakers? Even a past-30 Antwan can bring a lot to the table. He's not too far removed from being a 20 and 10 player. A LeBron-Mo-Antwan triad has some definite value.

And the Wizards can use the extra pick at 30 to use their pick at five for Jordan Hill. Why? Because Patty Mills can be theirs if they want to trade up, or maybe even if they stay at 30. That means they can get their shit together as the Gilbert Arenas albatross keeps rearing its ugly head.

Sorry. Cheap shot. I will move on.

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