Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joe Dumars has lost the plate.

Remember when Joe Dumars was well regarded as a general manager? It wasn't that long ago. Even after he decided he was going to draft Darko over Carmelo. People still liked him.

I mean, Michael Curry was a highly regarded hire when he came to Detroit. But then, the wheels came off. I saw it coming. I mean pre-twitter and lesser NBA fan me saw it coming. And if I could see that it was bad idea jeans, you know you're losing the plate.

But to scapegoat Michael Curry after one season? It's ridiculous. You take what was at best calculated gamble that broke badly to get a player whose killed a coach or two in his past. And it doesn't go well.

But you let the coach go after the draft and after the season because of it? That's Isiah level-petty. Michael Curry did what he could with what he had. And he had an old team with mismatched parts.

And whose fault was that?

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