Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Eric Arnett

Let me just say this. This is today. It's between three months and forever until these guys make the bigs. And for the Brewers, there's a bad history at the position they drafted. I may be the last one who's still not over Nick Neugebauer not making it.
But I say this to you tonight. As value bets go? If Eric Arnett's arm is skilled enough to stay healthy, the Brewers made a great one. He has two professional pitches to his name (And that's the exact prototypical closers repitoire if his change-up doesn't develop). He has decent command, and if he keeps in shape? The 96 MPH fastball will make it to the bigs.
It was not some docuhey pick for signability. It was an awesome pick for awesome.

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