Friday, June 26, 2009

Hey America?

I feel like people are subconciously forgiving Michael Jackson for his sins.

It's a theory that disappoints me. Give credit to Dave Lozo for it. Everyone gets awesome after death even if they sucked in life. And I feel like the majority of you are doing it for Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson likely isn't sleeping with the angels tonight.

You can decide to feel bad because he created Thriller, and that's the musical equivalent of the great works of art. And if you're delineating the artist from the man. Then...

It's something else entirely. But the fact is, what we know about Michael Jackson the man can be explained like this.

While Michael wasn't exactly convicted of child molestation, the ways he beat the rap came down to this. The case in the early 1990's was settled out of court for the sum of 20 million dollars, and the case in the middle of this decade is between the mixture of a bulldog defense attorney, someone secondary to the case having a crippling character flaw and the endemic flaw of juries in the state of California deciding that the protection of the celebrity is more important than the facts of a case.

So while he technically didn't, circumstances lean wildly in the other direction. You can see how some of us would get angry by this. No amount of brilliance can overcome a sin like that, and hearing people ask me to pray for him grates on my nerves.

So, I'll ask you this. If you don't appear on one of the million cameras that are going to be covering this travesty? I won't wish for the Basij to bash your brain means out of your skull.

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