Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here's something...

According to Ric Bucher's twitter account, Jameer Nelson is going to play. Not start over Skip to my Lou. But he is going to go. And that's going to be big. Not just for the Willis Reed psychological boost. It's because Jameer Nelson was the reason they handled the Lakers.

And you have a team that nobody seems to want to like. The Celtics, without Powe or giant dick Kevin Garnett were supposed to take them down after Big Baby won Game 4 on a buzzer beater. But the Magic ran them over.

And then the Cavs? Shit. Nobody thought the Cavs would lose. But with Mickael Pietrus and the magic of the Polish Hammer? The Magic turned the LeBron-Kobe ad campaign into yet another Dan and Dave. But now?

IT'S KOBE! IT'S PHIL! IT'S PAUER WHEELS! IT'S ODOM! The Magic have no shot!

Right...that's just what they want you to think.

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