Saturday, June 6, 2009

A NBA Draftish type of ramble...

I know, you missed me on Friday. This does not play twitter methadone by any stretch of the imagination. My apologies. I also have the greatest post in college football history coming down the pike. It's down to half of the Big 12 and other conferences. You will discover me again for the first time.

But that's later. Now? Now we will talk some hoops. Bite-sized, stream of consciousness. As it comes to me.
  • Dan Fegan is a good agent. His clients made nine figures this season, so you can't dispute the fact he has talent. But that being said? Telling Anderson Varejao to leave 6.2 million off the table and opt out? Mistake. I can name four players with a similar skill set who are also free agents. You have Big Baby and the Polish Hammer. You have Birdman and Brandon Bass. I know that there's a blood feud between Fegan and Danny Ferry, but you're going back overseas if you want something close.
  • I love Ramon Sessions. I do. But you know what? I'm readying myself to lose him. Like I've said before, there is a tremendous quality at the point in the draft. Not to say that Andre Miller, Jason Kidd, and Mike Bibby won't be more highly regarded. I'm not happy with the way that John Hammond handled this situation. Jefferson isn't a building block. And at the trade deadline you could have saved some real money by dealing him for expiring contracts.
  • But that being said? You can still trade Michael Redd or Jefferson for an expiring contract. The Wizards could have an interest. The Bucks aren't going to be good with the pieces they have yet. They need to swap out players. This draft may not have the necessary pieces, but the fanbase, such as it is, is willing to take some lumps if we know that the team can contend.
  • But who to replace Sessions? Rubio won't even be at the Wizards pick at 5. Curry won't get to 10. And then there's the Lawson-Flynn-Jennings phylum. In fact, I'm going to blog about that later.
  • DeJuan Blair? Some say he's the next Paul Millsap. Some fear he's the next Mike Sweetney. I say split the difference and enjoy another Danny Fortson.
  • If I'm the Knicks, why am I not considering Ty Lawson?
  • There is no American center worth their slot. If you draft them? You will be disappointed. I am looking at you John Hammond.
  • B.J. Mullens is a poor man's Spencer Hawes. Or a rich man's Robert Swift. Or as Stephen A. would say, B.J. MULLENS IS GOING TO BE A BUST!
  • That being said? I may admit something dark if ESPN's NBA draft coverage was as bad as it was last year. That was bad.

Anyway. More to come later. I promise.

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