Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You know what?

Bill Simmons is an idiot.
Now that I've let that sink in? Let me tell you why. Because I may not have a book deal, but I have to tell you, this is the first time I've actually seen the Bucks work with a logical plan to do something beyond finishing 7th in the Eastern Conference. Did they get worse for 2009-2010? Maybe. But here's what they did.
1. They got a free Amir Johnson
By Bill Simmons' logic, you can use the transitive property to turn the #6 pick into three expiring contracts. And that's fine. But he's telling a half-truth here. You see, the Bucks also got rid of one of the worst contracts in the Larry Harris era in Bobby Simmons. And he got Amir Johnson for free. Let me just say that again. A 22 year old power forward whose got a skill set that will bring the thunder to the good land, becomes a Buck for a guy who the Pistons decided to buy out.
Simmons reads FreeDarko, he should have known better. But why in the hell should he let anything stand in the way of a bad joke? He has Seth Meyers on speed-dial. He knows about bad jokes.
2. Small Markets build from within.
Among the 19 interesting free agents I've listed, in the NBA the Bucks had two. And they had a Sophies choice to make. The 23 year old point guard who has had a history of big games, or the 24 year old forward who is merely opportunity away from 20 and 10. The Bucks can now keep them both. And they can consider making a free agent move for 2010 if they really want to.
But no move is better than making one. And Willie Warren in 2010 would be a better fit than Tyson Chandler.
3. Fans can handle losing...with a plan. 
If the Bucks go out and lose 50 games? It's not good, but you know what? It's probably Scott Skiles fault. He has a short shelf life. 
Anyway, the Bucks haven't exactly had much smarts in developing a plan using the senators money. Until now. Three key pieces under 25. A shot at glory with a point guard to force Ridnour out. A general manager who's not worried about a short term loss for a long term gain. There is no reason for the Bucks to make pay a lot for a small leap forward.
So maybe you consolidate for 2009. But Amir Johnson now has an opening. And he's the sort of guy who will kill himself to make magic on the court. Skiles is going to love him. And you know they aren't going to be as injury snakebit as they were last season. 
But you and I know that Bill Simmons has a desire to be the retarded Paul Podesta. And if a team seemingly as morbuind as your Milwaukee Bucks or the Timberwolves have no desire to have him run the team? You know he faces long odds to get the job he so desperately wants. So he's getting cranky. 
But a logical man knows better. The process has more than one step. This allows the Bucks to consolidate. And this would be Bill James has no intelligence about that.
It's either tank or win for ol' BS.        

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