Sunday, April 5, 2009

The AL West Projections...

This looks ugly. I remember I said that 87 wins will take the NL Central. But every AL West team has holes. Every team can win.

Well, not every team. Texas may end up last, but they may only be four or five games out.

1. Anaheim (No Teixera. Ervin Santana's elbow is balky. If you're depending on Kelvim Escobar? You're in deep trouble. 84-78 can win the division.)
2. Oakland (There's going to be a moral dilemma here. Orlando Cabrera as a signing is something of a stopgap that will keep them close. But they have a staff that's too young to get them something for Matt Holliday.)
3. Seattle (The rotation will be fine. The defensive will be much improved. But the offense is not close to average yet.)
4. Texas (Kevin Millwood has a walk year. But their #2 is worse than Adam Eaton. They will lose a lot of games 11-8.)

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