Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Green Bay Packers Select...Clay Matthews (OLB-USC)

Who are you and what have you done with Ted Thompson? A trade up for a position of need? I can't say that it's a bad pick. In fact I won't. He'll grow up to be an excellent pass rusher in the pros. He does have to polish up his instincts, but you have someone with the work ethic to get there.

However? Did they overpay for pass rush? Yes. It could have been there at 41.

But you know what? Matthews won't be bad. I give this pick a B.

UPDATE: But for the 2 and both threes? It's something I don't like nearly as much. I mentioned the three OLB/rusher types that would have been solid picks in the comments. There's going to be good vaule in rouund 3. The pick itself is still solid, Matthews will be a good pro. But the move itself? Yeesh.


Anonymous said...

They way overpayed! I have studied the draft for months and loved Raji and I liked Mathews, but there is no way you give up a second and 2 thirds to move up.
Sure, they got a great pass rusher and a pick 162, but considering the draft value chart we overpayed by 162 points! That is 13 points less than what our second third rounder was worth. We practically gave away a third round draft choice. For waht we payed according to the draft chart we should have been able to move up to the 20th pick in the draft, not 26th, from now on Ted, will you please stick to trading down.

Andrew said...


I do agree. Standing pat was a better move. I wrote that before I knew all of the details. If the Packers stood pat, they would have had their choice of Barwin, Brown, and Sintim and two thirds.

The player was a B, the move was a F+.