Saturday, April 25, 2009

Matt Stafford as a Detroit Lion

I still think it's not going to work out. I do think they're drafting a guy to redshirt, which is defintitely going to help matters. But I'm not going to say that it's a guaranteed success. In fact? The odds are greater that he's going to be a bust.

Why? Because what if Daunte Culpepper was a huge success? It could happen. He has his old offensive coordinator when he was at his best, I mean Scott Linehan may have been ridiculous as a coach, but he can coordinate. And he does have Calvin Johnson. Say they get to 6-10? Say Culpepper goes off for 4000/35/10? You have a city/state that was 80-20 against the selection of Stafford. What happens when he gets forced out.

You have an organization that has entirely too many needs. You have an organization that needs to change its culture. Jason Smith can change the culture. Aaron Curry sure as heck can change the culture. Matt Stafford is just going to be the frontman for an empire of dirt.

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