Monday, April 6, 2009

The NL West is Easy

It's the Dodgers division. Never mind the fact that Chad Billingsley is hurt. The offense is just too good. I mean really. If the only player that you don't know in the starting line-up as you go off the cuff is the second baseman. (Blake DeWitt?) You have enough to get the NL West.

Why? Because outside of the outside chance that the Diamondbacks have to win if Max Scherzer can do well, there is no one else. It's already a two team league. The Giants have a rotation where four starters are from awesome to intriguing. But they just have no offense.

The Rockies are a team that does seem spry. They have some youth energy in their offense. If two of Chachin, De La Rosa, and Jiminez put it together? They can make a charge at this.

And the only thing that is interesting about the Padres? If and when Jake Peavy gets traded.

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