Sunday, April 26, 2009

So How Did the Packers do?

You know me, I'm not a milquetoast when it comes to this. I mean the internet affords anonymity, and hell, few people read it anyway when I dislike how it went down? Imagine what happens when I like a draft.

Because...I liked this.

1) B.J. Raji: A (Best player available in a position of need who has the potential to kick ass and take names as a pro. He will be a monster.)
1a) Clay Matthews: B- (Like the player, but was he really that much better than Connor Barwin? I mean, the way Ted was drafting this year he could have stood pat and kept both thirds.)
4) T.J. Lang: B (Nothing more than dead solid value with good solid starter potential.)
5a) Quinn Johnson: C+ (The slotting value was questionable. The need was real. The player? Marginal.)
5b) Jamon Meredith: A- (A beautiful speculative play. He could be your left tackle by 2010, or out of the league.)
6a) Jarius Wynn: D (You're asking him to fit in a system that's bad for his skills. I am dubious as to the chances of his success as a Packer.)
6b) Brandon Underwood: B+ (Great value, great skill set. It's a B+ because I don't expect a starter by 2010. I don't know where, but it's long view here.)
7) Brad Jones: C+ (Good potentiality, but my gut says he may never escape the level of special teams gunner.)

All in all? Bring me an A- draft every year? And I'll have good weekends.

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