Friday, April 3, 2009

Here's how I see the NL Central.

I have had a nyumber in my head about the NL Central. 87. I get the sense that it will be a muddy, dirty mess. I get the sense that three teams have an excellent shot and maybe the Reds can steal it. But I expect some wag will call this the comedy central.

And I will regret Parks and Recreation's first season for it.

1. St. Louis (Closers are made and not born, and after all that mishagoes from last season? The bullpen will be okay. Eric Ludwick is not going to drop off too terribly. Their rotation will be fine even if Carpenter isn't. And if Glaus plays 130-135 games? They've got this division.)
2. Milwaukee (The offense will come together. I believe. But they need Capuano to come back at his 2006-2007 level when he returns to get a chance to be all the way live. I know that we don't need Ben Sheets. But right now our rotation is too questionable for me to be all, first LOL!)
3. Chicago (Yeah, if the rotation stays healthy? They'll be strong enough to win the division by a few games. But my gut says that there's a strong chance of having two out of Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, and Rich Harden missing extended time. Not to mention the novelty injury from Milton Bradley. They prove that wrong? They love again in October.)
4. Cincinnati (The greatest comparison I ever made was Dusty Baker as Danny Bonaduce. His old school insanity means Cueto and Volquez get broke. This is why they don't succeed.)
5. Houston (All that effort gutting what was left of a dead farm system. All this team really has is Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt. I mean, who are you going to trust? Michael Bourn? Girl please.)
6. Pittsburgh (Not to be too much of a hater. I sympathize with a team that's in peril. And there is potential in a 1-2 punch of Ian Snell and Paul Maholm. But they don't have enough offense. Not even close.)

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