Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I think all is getting back to good with the world...

Why? Because John Calipari just tapped his inner Nick Saban. John Calipari was always more interesting as a villain coach. The story of Memphis was just kind of dull. Well, it was after he stopped taking dudes like DaJuan Wagner.

Now? He leaves Memphis as a program on an island. The recruiting class is gone. The Senior leaders are gone. They are in a mid-major conference. Unless they get a wow-singing. And I mean it. You can't get the coach from Siena and keep the perceptions up.

And as for Kentucky? They get a coach who is unafraid to go back to the Joe B. Hall era of Kentucky ball. This means more than your simple text messages. This means Nate Miles is going to find a way to get his car-stealing and creepy stalking two-guard ass to Lexington.

You're going to see a brief flash of success. Then it's gonna get bad.

And I love you for it Lexington.

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