Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I say this to you tonight.

It's all about to change. Hope and faith will come to the degenerates and philistines. The worst local sports talk show will flip and decide they loved this player the whole time. Age 26 with experience? Hell yeah.

Post hype sleeper?

Shit, the shine was gone when Mark Foley jokes became topical.

But you know what? It's time for Rickie Weeks to break out.

Okay, those of you who know me as a Brewer fan know that I'm one of the more optimistic of the Brewers fans. And you know he's been eternally on somebody's breakout list since Mark Foley jokes have been topical.

But the fact is? He is just too skilled not to be denied. The upside of .260/20/75/30/100? It's very real. And there are reasons why he can do this.

1) His second half was actually pretty good.

His OPS was on the borderline of hitting 800. For a middle infielder? That's pretty good. His line-drive and fly-ball rates were stronger. He may never get that batting average up to par, but he had a second half that he can build on.

2) The skill set.

His power is legitimate. His speed is coupled with a judgement on how to use it. He has a great ability to take walks. And his defense has become passable as well. He doesn't need much from his contact rate to become a top 5 second baseman. And he can get this done.

3) Toughness.

Yeah, Rickie Weeks has been someone who has been laid up. I get that. But that's not why he's got a chance. He will play through pain. Above and beyond seeming logic. The wrist problems he suffered through in '06 and '07 were compounded by him attempting to play through it. It means that when he's healthy? He won't sweat the small stuff.

The one reason why I may be an idiot dovetails from this. Staying healthy is a skill. He hasn't shown that in the bigs. Not to say he can't. But Milwaukee is a land of beer and nagging injuries.

I'm willing to put myself on the line and say it. It's gonna happen. Weeks and weeks of Rickie Weeks.

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