Monday, March 23, 2009

Ten things I learned in this tournament's first weekend.

Oh hi. Did you miss me? Yeah. I know you didn't. But I spent this weekend watching basketball, and polishing the old screenplay.

What? A blogger with a screenplay? COME ON!

But since I'm a man who likes to share what he's learned. Here we go.

1) When in doubt, trust Non-Conference Strength of Schedule if you want a surprise.

Cleveland State had a NCF SOS of 68, Wake Forest had one in the 200's. Siena had a NCF SOS of 2, Ohio State's was 74. Wisconsin beat Florida State in every aspect of the strength of schedule. Yeah, sure this is imperfect numberology, but it dovetails into number two...

2) There better be some other aspect for you to trust in if you want to see an upset pulled.

Western Kentucky won because Chester Frazier could not play. You saw the furious comeback the Illini made at the end of the game, right? Imagine if they had the guy that could make off with the turnovers throughout.

And it also explains Arizona. They were a much more experienced team then they were last year, when they were crappy with the #1 strength of schedule. But they have two guaranteed lottery picks, and you know there are a lot of people who can do magic when the have a chip on their shoulders.

That explains why the team nobody wanted is in the Sweet 16.

3) I hate no calls.

The way you call the first 39 minutes of the game should not change in minute 40. And no, I'm not bitter about the VCU-UCLA game. The upset should have happened, but Collison did get arm. He'd admit it.

4) I also hate Arizona as Cinderella.

Check my twitter. It explains all.

5) I love people sleeping on Pittsburgh.

Why? Because East Tennessee State was a 14 seed sleeping in the 16 seed bracket. They were going to scare someone. It just happened to be the Panthers. And Oklahoma State? Check their Non-Conference strength of schedule. It was top 5. They'll reestablish themselves this next weekend.

6) Gary Williams will always win one more game than he's supposed to.
If he makes the tournament.

7) Bob Huggins will lose one more game than he's supposed to.

Unless he's playing Duke.

8) My heart hates the way this tournament is going.

Even if I have my Elite 8 intact for the first time ever.

9) Carter Blackburn is my favorite CBS Sports announcer.

Because he sounds like failed WWE Superstar Mike Adamle. And that is something you cannot put a price on.

10) Conference RPI is essentially ballast.

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