Saturday, March 7, 2009

100 Grand...

That's what my tag team partner and I called Curtis Granderson back in 2007. Two reasons. One, at the All-star break Grandy was on pace for 100 Extra Base Hits, a feat as beautiful as the quad twenties, although not as rare. Two, because it's a sweet game Curtis Granderson has.

In fact? 2007 was the man crush period for Granderson. 2008? Not so much. Grandy was injured throughout much of April, slumped through most of May, and I never thought to double check on his status. Turns out? He's still eating his flinstones chewables.

Why he stopped being spectacular in 2007 was because he started seeing more lefties in the second half. Ben Sheets handled lefty batters better in 2007. Thus always the benching. In 2008? The man had fair opportunity versus everybody.

And that platoon split? It magically disappeared.

This is why Curtis Granderson may become a watchword for the blog during the summer months. Because even at the Age 27 season? Curtis Granderson's game is growing. I'm not saying that 2007 may not prove to be his career year, I'm just saying that the man may yet reach 100 extra base hits.

He may even break a 30/30 upside your head.

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